Improve teaching and learning with standards-based assessment

Accelerate standards mastery for all learners

From the classroom to the district office, gain clarity into where students are in their learning to guide instructional practices and improve learning outcomes.


Simplify and customize assessment creation with over 80,000 highest-quality, standards- and DOK-aligned assessment items across core subjects.


Save student and teacher time with a single platform for classroom formative, benchmark/common formative, and end-of-course summative assessments.


Drive targeted classroom and district improvements with prebuilt reports and rich custom reporting.


Engage students in the formative assessment process and accelerate standards mastery with in-the-moment feedback guided by distractor rationales.

Answer key questions across stakeholders

Inform instructional resource allocation and drive equitable outcomes

Aggregate and disaggregate data to inform district- and school-level instruction, curriculum, and resource decisions and drive conversations about equity and effectiveness throughout the year.

DnA District report

Use standards-based assessment data to maximize impactful instructional strategies

Utilize teacher-friendly reporting with embedded guiding questions to bolster PLC conversations and gain clarity into effective instructional strategies.

DnA standards assessment data

Unlock assessment as learning

Gather instant formative feedback mid-lesson to check student understanding, inform how to pace and plan the next lesson, and guide differentiated and personalized learning.

DnA Feedback

Help students take ownership of their learning

Share immediate feedback to help students understand their strengths, identify what they’ve already learned, and know which standards to focus on next.

Student feedback

Explore additional features and reports

Discover how DnA streamlines standards-based assessment and accelerates learning through actionable, information-rich reporting for all stakeholders.

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