Individual Growth and Development Indicators (IGDIs)

Children begin to develop early literacy, early numeracy, and social-emotional skills needed for kindergarten while they’re still in preschool. myIGDIs helps you quickly and accurately assess this development so you can intervene early and provide all learners with targeted support for success.


myIGDIs measures are brief and focused, with clear administration and scoring instructions for educators.


Measures are fast and fun for young children, and 1-on-1 administration fosters positive teacher-student interactions.


Seasonal benchmarks show you whether children are meeting growth expectations or require more intensive support.


Designed for both screening and progress monitoring, myIGDIs measures are backed by more than 20 years of comprehensive research.

myIGDIs for administrators, teachers, and families

Boost preschool effectiveness

Get accurate and consistent data to support your RTI or MTSS initiative, with minimal impact on instruction and play time.

Teachers reviewing data using myIgdis

Target early childhood instruction

Keep children moving toward kindergarten readiness with actionable data gathered through brief, focused assessments and observations.

parent reviewing lesson with child

Track kindergarten readiness

Understand how your child is developing the academic, social, and behavioral skills necessary to thrive in the school environment.

Man and boy

Explore why myIGDIs is so effective

Take a closer look at the early literacy and early numeracy measures, and at observational tools for social-emotional and related development.

We were looking for an assessment that was fast, predictive of later academic success, and sensitive to growth. We selected myIGDIs because it was supported by research and very similar to assessments used by elementary schools implementing MTSS with older children

Misty Goosen • Project Coordinator, Kansas MTSS


Explore how myIGDIs measures and observational tools help preschool educators close skill gaps and keep children engaged in learning.

Blog Post

Explore the connection between key literacy and numeracy skills in preschool and support students’ early learning journeys.

On-Demand Webinar

Join the co-creator of myIGDIs for tips on using your assessment data to support students’ early learning journeys.

Help all children build a strong foundation for success

Discover why educators in more than 13,000 US schools rely on myIGDIs to evaluate the needs of their preschool learners.

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