Phonics assessment designed to inform instruction

Science of Reading research proves that mastering phonics skills is critical for students learning to read. Knowing how well students are developing phonics skills gives teachers the insight they need to guide phonics instruction in grades 1–6, and for students who are struggling at any grade level.


Measure understanding of the 12 most critical phonics categories and 102 target skills.


Intervene knowing exactly where a student is struggling.


Know which patterns to teach individuals, small groups, grades, and classes.


Align results to the scope and sequence of your reading curriculum to gauge progress and needs.

Join our Kindergarten Field Test

Star Phonics is expanding its grade-level coverage by adding kindergarten into the existing product via a field test.

Insights for growth, learning, and support

Monitor instruction and resources

Track progress throughout the school year to evaluate resource allocation and determine where phonics instruction may need emphasis or acceleration.

Teacher and student

Actionable data for instruction

Plan targeted, appropriate instruction for the whole class, small groups, and individual students to meet the needs of all learners.

Teacher and students

Track phonics skill development

Understand the letter sounds and phonics patterns your child knows and is learning to help support their further development and growth.

Father and daughter

Explore how Star Phonics provides in-depth phonics data in just a few minutes

Take a closer look at Star Phonics screening and diagnostic tests and the reports that inform phonics instruction.

I recommend Star Phonics, which is based on years of research, because it is the best phonics screener and diagnostic assessment available. It provides valuable information about phonics skills essential for instruction, especially for those students struggling to read words, including students with dyslexia.

Dr. Louisa Moats • a leading author of LETRS, consultant, and literacy expert

The Science Behind Star Phonics

Learn more with the Science Behind Star Phonics, an in-depth and easy to understand look at what makes Star Phonics an effective phonics assessment.

More resources


Dr. Michelle Hosp, the creator of Star Phonics, explains why and how she developed this unique assessment.


See how Star Phonics works with other Renaissance products to support the Science of Reading.

Help all students master essential phonics skills

Discover why educators consider Star Phonics the best tool for assessing phonics skills.

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