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Planning for Summer 2023

Our products and solutions seamlessly transition students and educators from the school year to summer — with targeted supports and resources to address the challenges and opportunities that define this important season of learning.

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Professional Learning

Renaissance helps educators use our innovative products and solutions effectively during the school year and throughout the summer—offering continuous support for all levels of learning and change.

Renaissance Focus Skills Research and Resources

Focus Skills, the building blocks of student learning, are based on extensive research into how learning progresses in reading and math. The Focus Skills Resource Center provides detailed information on both essential grade-level skills and the necessary prerequisites by state, including Focus Skills for Spanish reading, free to all schools.

Information on Math Trip Steps and Reading Trip Steps, the essential reading and math skills that may be more challenging and difficult for students to master, is also available within the resource center. Knowing which skills are most difficult for students to learn at grade level is valuable for educators to help guide planning and instruction—and support the important work of learning recovery—during the summer and throughout the year.

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Identify learning gaps, monitor progress, and provide critical math and literacy resources that enhance formal instruction, enrichment programs, and independent learning experiences for all students, all year long.

Accurate assessment
Engaging instruction and practice
Actionable insights

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Funds for summer learning

Federal formula funding sources can be used for Renaissance programs that help students accelerate learning during the summer.

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